Vows for Blended Families

There are many ways that children can be included in the wedding. A great deal depends on the age of the children. Sometimes younger children can be ring bearers or flower girls and stand next to their parent during the service. Another way is to include the children with blended family vows. This can be deeply moving and rewarding.

This part of the ceremony usually occurs just after the ring exchange. It may begin with the officiant saying:

This ceremony marks not only the union of N., and N., as husband and wife, it also celebrates the combining of N., and N., with his/her children ________ and _________, to form a new family.


To the future parentLewis-Washington-4-11-15-4-369x400

Do you, take (child’s name) as your own, promising to love him/her and care for him/her. To help provide for his/her physical needs, to be a good listener, a loving counselor and a good friend?


To the child

And do you ________, take _________, to be a loving parent figure from this day forward?


Often, the new parent gives a gift to the child (a medalion, a ring, a necklace, etc.) as part of the ceremony. If such is the case, the minister addresses the new parent figure:

Do you have something you would like to give him/her as a demonstration of this commitment?


The gift is taken from the Best Man or Maid of Honor; the bride or groom then presents it and follows it with a hug and a kiss.

Prayer after gift exchange: (The new family is invited to join hands forming a circle)

Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be present in this surrounding…where dreams come true…where a family comes together in marriage. Send your blessing down upon N. and N. and n. as they begin their journey through life together. Look graciously upon them, that they may so love, honor and cherish one another that their home may be a haven of blessings and a place of peace. For Jesus’ sake. Amen!





I (….), choose you, (….),
and (….), to be my family.
I promise to honor & respect you,
and to provide for you to the best of my ability.
I promise to make our home a haven,
where trust, love, and laughter are abundant.
I make these promises lovingly, and freely,
and vow to honor them all the days of my life.