In order to preserve the orderliness of the wedding service, if at all possible, a rehearsal should be held prior to the ceremony. Rehearsals are usually held on the evening prior to the wedding. Reservations should also be made for this date with the facility where the wedding will be taking place. Prior arrangements should be made if the services of a soloist are required.

It is the responsibility of the happy couple to insure that all wedding party members are present for rehearsal 15 minutes before the time stated. The parents of the couple are encouraged to be present as well. The members of the wedding party should be present one hour before the appointed time for the wedding service. We emphasize again that this is an immensely important occasion and participants are expected to reflect that fact. No member of the wedding party should be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. If someone is, we would expect that he or she would be excused from participation.